A regional initiative of the BDI, DIHK, BGA and BdB

The Transatlantic Business Initiative

The Transatlantic Business Initiative (TBI) is the German business community’s contribution to a successful new phase in transatlantic relations. The TBI advocates for strengthening the economic relations between Germany and the United States and Canada. It is the point of contact for economic policy issues, particularly for the German government and the governments of the United States and Canada as well as for EU institutions. The initiative is supported by four business associations: The Federation of German Industries (BDI), the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK), the Federation of German Wholesale, Foreign Trade and Services (BGA), and the Association of German Banks (BdB).


8 Theses on Transatlantic Relations



The transatlantic partnership is of the utmost importance for the German and European economies. The United States is Germany’s ... most important export market and second largest trading partner worldwide. Canada is also an important partner with whom we share common economic interests. German companies will do their part to ensure that this transatlantic economic cooperation is continuously improved and are developing proposals and impulses for this in the new Transatlantic Business Initiative (TBI).



The transatlantic partners must openly address and swiftly resolve existing trade and economic policy differences, identify ... common interests and further strengthen their economic ties. Businesses on both sides of the Atlantic face global challenges that must be addressed together.


Energy & Climate

Germany and the EU, on the one hand, and the United States and Canada on the other must cooperate closely and in a spirit of trust on energy and climate policy in the interests of their economies. This applies in particular to issues such as the development of sustainable hydrogen technologies, CO₂ pricing and energy efficiency.



Germany with the EU as well as the USA and Canada have the potential to setcommon standards in artificial intelligence..., cryptography for the post-quantum age and data transfer. Especially with regard to the competitiveness of German companies and financial institutions, cross-border approaches to digital issues are promising. Conflicting economic interests should be discussed openly and constructively with the aim of developing sustainable solutions.



The transatlantic partners must resolve existing trade conflicts, prevent new global trade conflicts and focus on common... challenges in this arena. A consensual reform of the WTO is urgently needed. Digital, technological, or trade policy decoupling must be avoided in the interests of the German and North American economies.


Finances & Exports

Solid cooperation on financial and export issues is central to a good transatlantic partnership. An ongoing dialogue in... this area must be maintained.



Our numerous common interests offer an opportunity to shape transatlantic economic relations in a sustainably good way. The... commitment to multilateralism must now be followed by concrete economic and trade policy steps.



The European Union is also called upon to intensify transatlantic relations in the sense of economic cooperation in a coordinated and... manner, Europe-wide, and to breathe life into its December 2020 proposals for a transatlantic agenda. To this end, the EU must act in unity

Statement Siegfried Russwurm 

Video: TBI Chairman Prof. Dr.-Ing. Siegfried Russwurm on the importance of the transatlantic partnership © BDI 

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